v1.0.16 Share Cockpit

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v1.0.16 Share Cockpit

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For me this was checked when I started JoinFS (for all aircraft) even though 'Share Cockpit with Everyone' was not checked in 'Settings'. It appeared that I could not un-check this - but discovered if I clicked on 'Ignore' then this cleared the Share Cockpit box (for ALL aircraft, even though I only unchecked this for one aircraft). When I clicked 'Ignore' for one aircraft it put a tick mark in 'Share Cockpit' - but did this for ALL aircraft.

Update - The 'all' / 'none' share checkbox issue and the default checked 'Share Aircraft' issue may have been due to the connection I was using (that was sharing a server with a FSX Steam session) - but the issue regarding the need to click on 'Ignore' in order to get the 'Share' box ticked is still there.

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