Advanced Permissions for Shared cockpit

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Advanced Permissions for Shared cockpit

Post by Mike3433 »

Hi all! I recently discovered JoinFS

I know in JoinFS we share 3 sets of shared permissions when dealing with shared cockpits.

1. Hand over flight controls
2. Hand over gear, flaps, lights and spoilers
3. Hand over navigation and autopilot

Would it be possible to further separate permissions for the ATC controls from the navigation and autopilot category?

The reason I ask this is to delegate tasks during flight to keep the user who has "flight controls" still engaged during mid flight.

Here is how the setup is running.
Player #1 - owner of aircraft
Player #2 - passenger

Player #1 = gets "Hand over flight controls" and autopilot
Player #2 = gets "Hand over gear, flaps, lights and spoilers" and ATC controls

this way during mid flight Player #1 has to pay attention to the autopilot while Player #2 is monitoring the atc traffic.

For anyone interested in the ultimate shared cockpit experience and as to why I am making the request, this is my setup current for 2 players with the limitations of permissions.
Both players using FSX:Steam with JoinFS
Both players share the same flight plan

Player #1 is owner of 737-800. The owner will host the server but have 0 AI anywhere in the world (Disable all traffic everywhere)
The owner gets "Hand over flight controls" as having the owner control the flight makes sure if any minor desync occurs, that the plane mechanics are not screwed up, i.e. Speed or autopilot glitches.

Player #2 is copilot right seat. The copilot will broadcast all aircraft and ground objects - (this user will need around 5-12 Mbps upload bandwidth for maximum sharing capacity) The copilot gets "Hand over gear, flaps, lights and spoilers" and "Hand over navigation and autopilot"

Player #2 will use their FSX AI ATC and broadcast over chat comms via teamspeak or discord so Player #1 can hear all ATC traffic. This can be done with looping a separate playback device into a different microphone so both players can still talk to each other. (ex: use a dual 3.5mm jack cable from speakers into microphone at the back of your pc) FSX:Steam allows voice comms to be forced into a different audio device than the primary sound device.

As it currently stands for Player #1, once autopilot takes over he/she has no job left, and can't lighten the load of Player #2. I would love to have more options for fine tuning the shared experience controls.

you have the near perfect Multiplayer experience with FSX AI ATC at the helm for both players to enjoy and feel like they are in a real living simulation. Now just plug in your VR headset and use flyinside to make the coop experience divine :D

Thank you so much for creating JoinFS. My dream from when FSX first launched finally can be a reality!
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Re: Advanced Permissions for Shared cockpit

Post by Stalker544 »

I second this request. I am running a virtual military flying training program for my club using IRIS T-6B Texan IIs.

I need the 2nd pilot to:

be able to also hear the AI ATC replies when I communicate with the AI ATC.
be able to transmit to the AI ATC and I am able to hear the AI ATC reply to the 2nd pilot.

The question maybe outdated/ accommodated in 3.1.4 (if it is, i'm still new with JoinFS, please accept my apology).
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