Tacpack Tankers

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Tacpack Tankers

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Just not to deviate on other threads, I'll create a new one to discuss about the Tankers function for VRS Tacpack through JoinFS connection.

I've found the issue may be related to some variables Tacpack SDK will require to now if a tanker is really a tanker. This is gonna be allways talking when the tanker is being flown by an user, not a IA. The problem for the stuttering is in another hand.

https://forums.vrsimulations.com/suppor ... STP_Tanker

There are some CVars that needs to be set up in order for the tanker to be able to give fuel:

There are 2 CVars the TANKER aircraft should have:
OwnshipIsTanker - bool - RO
1 if ownship is currently capable of being a tanker. (Has an ARS loaded) 0 otherwise.

ReadyToGiveFuel - bool - RW
Writeable if we are capable of being a tanker. Set to 1 to indicate drogue deployed and ready to have others tank off of us. Set to 0 to indicate not ready for tanking. (Locked to 0 if we are not capable of being a tanker)
Peter, you have more experience with CVars and so on. Can this be in conflict for Tacpack? The "OwnshipIsTanker" should be set to 1 if set up on TacPack Manager, I guess (will check later when I got home for you). But maybe then it's not being broadcasted on the network so the receiver don't know it's a tanker? I think the most important one the "ReadyToGiveFuel" one...

In the other hands there are also a lot of CVars for TACAN, but I don't understand how they would work.

Maybe the CVars are easy to fix and we can enjoy some refuel operations?

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