Emulator disconnects from JoinFS

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Emulator disconnects from JoinFS

Post by kieranmartin6223 »

Thanks for all the work that you are doing to improve JoinFS.
I have installed JFS V1.6.12, but I keep finding that the simulator disconnects from JoinFS (goes red), whereas the network connection stays.

This occured on public hubs with others flying FSX, P3D, and XP, as well as a session with just two of us on XP.

I can't make it happen, but it certainly has not occurred in other iterations of JoinFS.

It's no big deal, except for ATC who get twitchy, but I thought I should report it.

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Re: Emulator disconnects from JoinFS

Post by Peter »

Hi, that's a very old version of JoinFS. Have you tried the latest version?

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