Recorded flights taking control ?

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Recorded flights taking control ?

Post by maggsy »

Hmm am I letting my imagination go beyond what is feasible ?
would it be possible to record a circuit from start to finish
play it back and enter cockpit then at some point take control ?
I realise that this does not sound feasible as it is now not the recorded circuit but a shared cockpit, however when flying along as a spectator on a circuit I recorded earlier I was able to toggle the landing lights ( even if they did cycle back to the recorded state) the fact the sim did acknowledge the command whilst the recorded circuit continued.
This does sound beyond what is possible but given how good this software is who knows what it can achieve, I firmly believe that its uses are only limited by our imagination and Peters skill in turning our pipe dreams into reality ....over to you maestro ;)

my reason for this feature/use is pre-recorded training senarios can be made and given to students who can play them back watch how it is done and at any point take over to replicate without having to reload the sim.
As I said it might be beyond the sim and JointFS to switch between recorded and live and back again without issues.
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Re: Recorded flights taking control ?

Post by Peter »

Hi Maggsy,

Ah, I like that one. That could be really useful for a number of things I'm sure. And yes, it's very feasible - or as Scotty would say "It's nearly impossible, but I'll give it my best shot, captain".

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