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Any questions regarding JoinFS.
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Need Help

Post by robertlinke »

okay so this is the situation.
i have two pc's with JoinFS, a "server" and my main pc.
the server is in hub mode, and the following ports are open on the server, main pc and modem/router:
81, 47624, 6112
2300-2400, 23456, 6073, 6112
81, 47624
2300-2400, 23456, 6073

so now the problem,
while my main pc can see, and receive data from the server, the server does not see or receive anything from my main pc
i even had both firewalls off to test, no joy, making me believe this is not firewall related.

i want to run this for my Va and i want this running so i don't have to spent hours locking my main pc for an FSX server.
so, yeah, pls help if able.
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Re: Need Help

Post by Peter »


You need to open two different ports on your router, one for each instance of JoinFS. For example, open port forwarding on 6112 (UDP-only) for your main PC and 6113 for your server. Everyone outside of your LAN will connect to 6113.

Also keep in mind that you will probably need to specify your server's local IP address (192.168.#.#) when connecting from your main PC.

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Re: Need Help

Post by Geronimo »

Hi Robert, hi Peter

Peter, your advice concerning the two ports is only correct if somebody wants to run two instances of JoinFS on a LAN and both instances should be connectable from the internet. But that is not Roberts intention as I understand.

Both, the 'Main PC' and the 'Server PC' have to use the same port number (if you have not changed the JoinFS setting then it is 6112). Yes there are two instances of JoinFS, one on each PC. In order to communicate together both have to use the same port number.

Robert you are most likely correct to assume your 'problem' is not a firewall problem. It is the 'port forward' story --> please read what I wrote in this forum in 'Queries' in topic 'Hub'. Inside your LAN you can do without the port forwarding by directly connecting from your 'Main PC' to your 'Server PC'. As Peter has said you need to know the IP address (192.168.#.#) of your 'Server PC'. From your 'Main PC' you can then connect directly to your 'Server PC' (regardless if the 'Server PC' is in Hub mode or not).

You write you want to use the 'Server PC' for your VA. Assuming the members of your VA do not come to your place with their PCs, you have to setup the portforward as explained in 'Hub'. Without it, the 'Server PC' inside your LAN can not be called from the internet.

Hannes 'Geronimo'
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