XPMP2 support

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XPMP2 support

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Does the current version of joinFS support XPMP2 (xplane only)?

In that case running joinFS on the xplane master PC (given that a sim is using more than one PC to drive the external views) and the XPMP2 remote client on the other xplane is supposed to display all joinFS traffic in a synchronized way without the need to separately download traffic for each PC.

Also, XPMP2 remote client does not require any interaction by the user.

I ran a test today:
'The PC running Xplane Master also hosted a public Hub. joinFS was connected to xplane, therefore the joinFS session contained one aircraft.
Another PC running Xplane external view was running the XPMP2 remote plugin. Ususally, that plugin shows the IP addresses of any "senders" (those providing external traffic) and the number of aircraft transmitted.
In that special case, no senders where recognized by XMTP2 remote; thus proofing that joinFS client is not populating traffic via XMTP2 to other compatible clients.

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