objects not visible

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objects not visible

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hi there although i am new to these forums i am not new to JOINFS .
a group of us fly the VRS SUPERBUG its a f18 e it uses a weapon delivery system called TACKPACK . the version of join fs we use is 1.4.31 this is the only version that we know of that tackpack works in . i notice in all newer versions of joinfs in the settings there is a box to check that says AUTO BRODCAST VRS TACKPACK however it doesn't work. this also affects object creation. in the older version we use a player could place for example an aircraft carrier ,broadcast it and all players would see it but also detect it on sea radar . also using another add on called FSX@WAR and CCP we are able to create in the older version we use, moving vehicles ,building, aircraft and ships. with the latest versions we are able to broadcast all this but other players do not see anything and they do not appear on the object list in JOINFS . are we doing something wrong or is this just not possible ?
thanks Demon-702
p.s if anyone reading this would like to join our group here is the link http://www.milairsim.com/index.php/
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Re: objects not visible

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thanks for letting me know. I had no idea that this was no longer working. I will take a look once I have completed the current changes.

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