Altimeter/Kollman Syncing Problem

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Altimeter/Kollman Syncing Problem

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Was trying to share Cessna 172 cockpit between MSFS and X-Plane and we observed bizarre behaviour with the Altimeters.

In XP the altimeter just span until set to a value this would then make the MSFS one spin backwards to 8500 ft with no numbers in the Kollman windows. When the MSFS user changed the altimeter setting this would cause the XP one to start spinning, shortly followed by the MSFS one to spin back.

We looked into the variables in the console window we noticed it detecting the correct change on the MSFS side, but on the XP side it would detect it as a change of zero, we would shortly after see the same change MSFS side.

It's as if the program is sending incorrect data to XP, XP throwing a hissy fit, and sending a change back.

Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?

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